About Us

Welcome, fellow inquisitive humans, to the land of Why! At WhyMag.com, our focus is on discovering the strange and wonderful world of “why” inquiries. You know, those nagging questions like “why do dogs bark at vacuum cleaners” that keep you up at night? or “why is finding a pair of matching socks so difficult?” We may not yet have all the solutions, but we won’t give up until we do.

We’re a group of curious cats (no, not literally, that would be weird) who just can’t help but ask ‘why?’ about everything. We’re the type of people who will Google something seemingly simple like “why is the sky blue?” and then spend three hours reading about atmospheric physics just because we’re curious. We’re the type of people who annoy our friends and family with endless ‘why’ questions, until they eventually give in and say “I don’t know, stop asking me!”