Why is 4/20 a pothead holiday?

Oh my heavens, that question is crazy! Let me tell you that the past of 4/20 as a marijuana holiday is a little hazy, if you know what I mean. Nobody is certain which of the many conflicting stories of how it all started is accurate.

The date 4/20 is believed to have been first used in California in the 1970s, per a generally accepted theory. The Waldos, a collection of high school students, allegedly met every day at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana. They would say things like, “Hey man, let’s go meet up at 4:20” to plan their smoking sessions. Eventually, the term caught on and became a sort of secret code among stoners.

The idea that “4/20” refers to a police number is another hypothesis. Police in some areas refer to marijuana-related crimes as “420” offenses. Therefore, some people think that the adoption of 4/20 as a pothead festival was a sort of ironic reaction to the decriminalization of marijuana.

There are obviously many other genesis stories for 4/20, and nobody is sure which one is the true one. But does it really matter? In the end, April 20 is just a fun reason to hang out with your friends and indulge in a joint. So friend, let’s light the bong and have fun!

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